Sam Winchester's Shirts are Overrated!

...aren't they?

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The SWSAO Newsletter - Issue 11
Cards-ani (slow)
monicawoe wrote in spn_swsao
Welcome to the Sam Winchester's Shirts are Overrated Newsletter!
In this edition:
Sam Winchester's Shirts: An Overview
Welcome fellow oglers!
We're four episodes into season 7, and so far there is a tragic lack of shirtlessness where Sam is concerned.
However season 7 DOES deserve some praise for a bold new direction in single layers. Lay your eyes on this:

Even Sam knows he looks good! Here he says: 'eh...EH? What say you now, ladies and gents?'

Here's the thing. While I DO appreciate the noble effort to clothe Sam in only ONE layer, we have ample evidence that proves even one layer is too much.

Since the beginning we've known this!

in season 1 Sam stepped out of the shower and we all collectively gasped for the first time. Little did we know that this adorable little puppy:

Was hiding THIS underneath his many, many layers of clothing:

Even the armadillo presented itself! What else was it to do in the presence of such powerful manliness?!
This was the first instance of  no shirt > all other shirts

In season 2 we saw some fantastic shirts:


What? Don't tell me you don't remember the episode where Sam & Dean went undercover as mechanics-- that one was AWESOME!

but...we also learned that Sam has even more muscles than we ever thought possible:

(and also that he likes to growl and bite during sex)
once again no shirt > all other shirts

After changing into our asbestos panties for the next season we were SORELY disappointed when the writer's strike ROBBED us of more shirtlessness!

However, we did get this:

which gave us the equation Sam + blood > Sam without blood
and gave me a lady-boner

Moving on to season 4 we saw GREAT improvement in shirts.
Our first glimpse of Sam is in this shirt:

This shirt is paperthin and thus my initial gasp upon seeing Sam was not in fact 'OMG it's Sam!', but rather 'OMG that SHIRT is so THIN and HOLY CRAP HE GOT BUFF!'

oh season 4, I love you so much, for so many many reasons:

and because, as we learned in season 3, Sam + blood > Sam without blood  and it gives me a lady-boner

Then came season 5. You were the season that could have been 1,000 times more fantastic had you NOT DELETED A FRIGGIN SAM SEX SCENE!!! WHO DOES THAT?! SERIOUSLY???!!!!!

Even Sam is shocked!

'Why didn't you at least put my beautiful shirtless bod on the DVDs you selfish people!!'

I know Sam, I know.

Sera felt bad about this, which is why in season 6 she gave us this:

Sera still loves us, I know she does, therefore I have faith that she will provide again!

Have faith my fellow SWSAO-ers!

There will come again the day when our eyes behold the truth beneath the fabric!

That's all for this edition! Please let me know if you'd like to be a
contributor to our worthy and important cause! If you have any further
Sam Winchester shirt related topics that require investigation please
don't hesitate to bring them to my attention!
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This is true need more nekid sam/jared on the show!

"Even the armadillo presented itself!" BWAH! I love you guys...

Hey, it's true! Look at that thing!
I mean you can't blame it for trying, lol

Just a wild theory, but BOTH boys seemed quite buff and lean and mean at the Toronto Con a couple weeks ago. (I know we've all seen Jensen's jelly belly playing soccer last year (hangs head in shame as Jensen/Dean girl) Considering the relative tautness of the flanks I groped, I mean grasped, I mean clung to.... held onto politely during my photo op, the boys might be getting ready for even bolder shirtless manoeuvres this season.

I don't want to get your hopes up.... but fingers crossed. You may have to spring into action with swift, deadly and accurate media coverage!!!!

I adore your theory, and envy you your groping op!
Perhaps dual shirtlessness awaits us?! It has been sought for, nay needed since episode one but maybe finally, finally it will come to pass!

I stand at the ready to report on shirtlessness!

Jelly belly? Really? You "hang your head in shame" over it?
I can see calling the old fart at Walmart who looks 9 months pregnant with his ass crack hanging out of his pants a jelly belly, but Jensen?

I thought he was beautiful then and beautiful now. I love his belly.

Love handles is a better description - they were short lived but rather appealing, I thought...

Love these pics and these boys! Just watched the wonderfully inspirational Soulless!Sam doing the pullups earlier this evening! Happy times :)

Where oh where is that beautiful mechanic pic from??

Sam-pullups are always inspirational!

I think the mechanic pics are from a photo shoot from years ago. The full set can be found here:

Edited at 2011-10-20 11:03 am (UTC)

I think I luv u:::DDDDD

LOL that gif!
You're welcome ; )

Sam doing pull-ups is indeed an amazing sight! How can he lift all that muscle? Obviously, fandom has neglected important research on the effect of bare Winchester bods upon physics. This oversight must be corrected! It is incumbent upon fangirls everywhere to observe Sam being physical. Repeated observation is encouraged.

Agreed! We also need more facts about endurance - how long can he continue to do pushups or pullups? Does removing more of articles of clothing increase the rate of exercise? At least eight entire episodes should be dedicated to this study.

how long can he continue to do pushups

Most important of all, is the height, rate, and endurance of said pushups effected by an *ahem* object placed between Sam and the floor? ^_^

I can never get enough shirtless!Sammy.
Thank you for the post. It made me happy in my pants put such a smile on my face. ;)

You're welcome! Sam is indeed smile-inducng!

Even the armadillo presented itself!

XD *dying here* I'm surprised you got your eyes to even GO to the armadillo.

I only noticed about two years after the pic came out, lol. The armadillo's reaction is only natural ; )


He's a like a fine wine.
Or maybe he's just foiiine.
Thank you for this edition. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

He is both! Certainly intoxicating ; )
Glad you enjoyed the latest edition!

Shirts are the meanest baddie on the show. Die, shirts, die!

LOL @ the wanton armadillo.

Agreed. Salt and burn the shirts!!

more naked Sam! We need Seraaa!

I am sure she hears our cries!

I shall offer a sacrifice of shirts upon the Altars of Kripke & Sera in the Temple of Shirtless Sam. *nods*

omg, you are so wonderful to share with us all . THANK YOU THANK YOU. xooxoxoxxoxoxox

I do what I must!
Glad you enjoyed this latest edition ; )

LOLOL! This is hilarious, and incredibly hot.

I still haven't gotten over the scene edited out from "Free to Be You and Me." I have hope that someday it shall be revealed to us, maybe through divine intervention.



Yeah the omission of the deleted 5x03 scenes from the season5 dvds is a travesty! Maybe someday they will release a seperate dvd of just that sequence in slo-mo and from twenty different angles?! I think it is only fair.

Sera still loves us, I know she does, therefore I have faith that she will provide again!
AMEN! I know I'm maybe voiceing an unpopular opinion, but I really think Sera is the best thing that's happened to Supernatural and Sam Winchester since Kripke had the original idea of the show...*ducks and covers*

I'm been a HUGE fan of the sorter paper thin grey t-shirts BUT as a gal who may or may not have a wrist/forearm kink *cough*true facts*cough* then that black-ish longsleaved shirt of season 7... HOLY LACE PANTIES BATMAN!

I was just noticing in the recent TorCon pics how straight up sexy his forearms are! Dayum!

Amen to that!

I get a little happy whenever I see Sam roll his sleeves up. Does that make me a sad person?

I'm also still mourning and moaning about the fact that Sam's black jelly bracelet went byebye. But hey it's not like I'm obsessed or something like that ;)

Not in MY book! LOL! It shows you are a person of taste!! ;-)

Yeah, what was the deal with that? Did it have any significance? Did it just disappear? Can you believe I am actually asking this?? It did make his wrist look hotter :-D

Gee, now I have to look at all these pictures AGAIN... tsk tsk...

I like that spin on it - thank you ;D

Can you believe I am actually asking this??
Can you believe I actually sorter kinda have an answer for your question? From what I've heard it was actually a 'Jared&Sandy' thing that made its way onto the show and I guess it either broke by itself (they sadly do that after a few years, yes I'm speaking from painfull personal experience... I'm just THAT big a fan of that thing!) OR he decided that he shouldn't wear it when things became serious with Gen.

Gee, now I have to look at all these pictures AGAIN... tsk tsk...
It's a hardship - way to take one for the team. I'll be right over here rewatching seasons 1-Now just 'cause...

Agree about Sera. She's awesome!

Also agree about the forearms - though I am more of a biceps/ triceps girl myself (points at icon)

Jeeeeze..... what the hell are you doing to me?!?!

And how have I never seen these newsletters before...

*thud* WHOA!

I think this needs reading a few (dozen) times...

Ha! Well in that case, enjoy the past issues ; )

I LOVE these - your writing totally cracks me up (as well as making me agree with everything you say!!)!! The lady boner - I died LOL!! and it's ALL TRUE!!! The asbestos panties!! Just the entire narrative is made of win. AND THAT'S NOT EVEN COUNTING THE FABULOUS, GLORIOUS PICS OF SAM IN VARIOUS SHIRT/SHIRTLESS APPEARANCES!!! Sorry, I felt so strongly about that I had to shout :-D SO FUCKING GORGEOUS, I CAN'T EVEN!!! The gif with Madison...*faints* And finally, "even the armadillo is presenting itself" - I never noticed that, but I will never NOT notice again! ROTFL!!!!

Edited at 2011-10-20 04:09 pm (UTC)

Glad you enjoyed. And YES he is MAGNIFICENT!

*swoons* am off to check out the older issues. Many thanks.

I would like to put in a vote for an unwaxed shirtless Sam - a gal can dream.

I'd be super curious about that! In the season 6 pics, there's just a hint of fuzz highlighting the AWESOME pecs, but I do wonder would there be more? And what about Jensen? *muses*

When do they even find TIME to wax? Is it some sort of brotherly bonding ritual? Do they do each other? And ,how did John, who proudly showed off his chest hair, feel about hairless sons?

So many questions demanding answers! Or comment-fic prompts. :P

Upcoming season 7 ep!
Come on, Sera!

Enjoy the older editions!

I have to agree- I'd have no problem wuth unwaxed Sam either. They were starting to head hat way a teensy bit in season 6

Before I go back to staring at the pictures, I just wanted to say thanks.

Even the armadillo presented itself! What else was it to do in the presence of such powerful manliness?!

I've seen that towel scene so many times and I've never noticed that armadillo. :)

You're welcome!

Yeah it took me a few years before i noticed the little armadilo, too!

(Deleted comment)
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